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If you own a pool or spa, you want to spend your time enjoying them, not maintaining them. Keeping a pool or spa in good health is easy, so long as you regularly and properly make adjustments to keep water levels and chemical composition in ideal ranges. 

However, if you’re struggling with maintenance or if you would rather enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your oasis is in highly-trained hands, make the call to Reef Pool Builders for premium pool and spa maintenance in Florida City and South Florida.

Reef Pool Builders offers premium maintenance and upkeep solutions for all of the projects we complete. From simple pools to the most elaborate and customized installations, we make sure all of your features are performing properly, your chemicals are balanced, and your pool looks its best all year round.

Get a quote for your pool & spa maintenance in Florida City by calling Reef Pool Builders at (305) 901-1505 today!

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

  • “Excellent staff! They are all very nice, professional, and have the ability and expertise to handle any situation.” Jeff H.
  • “Over the years, I’ve trusted Reef Pool Builders with the installation of my landscaping, repairs, and maintenance of my yard and pool.” Brett H.
  • “Reef Pool Builders is operated by people with integrity, knowledge, experience, and attention to detail.” Mike M.

What’s Included in Our Pool Maintenance Services?

Every maintenance regimen is customized to the property that we will be serving. We know your pool is a unique and custom-built feature on your property, and therefore it’s maintenance needs will differ from everyone else’s pool—even the same size pool in two houses located directly next to one another can have drastically different upkeep needs.

When you turn to Reef Pool Builders, we make maintenance a breeze. We provide a full list of services that keep your pool clean, functional, and safe all year long. From water quality adjustments to regular cleaning and important checks, we take the health of your pool and spa system seriously. 

Here are just a few of the things we do as part of our maintenance services:

  • Test water balance
  • Skim water surface and debris
  • Vacuum pool and/or spa
  • Clean out skimmer basket 
  • Inspect equipment for problems
  • Check and correct water chemistry
  • Provide water usage alerts
  • Polish handrails and ladders
  • Brush pool
  • Reset and adjust time clocks as needed

For the best results, we service most residential pools every week. Commercial pools require additional maintenance and adjustments, and health codes may dictate how frequently water must be checked and adjusted.

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  • Bringing Luxury to Life for Over 20 Years
  • Delivering Highly Sophisticated Tropical Aesthetic Through Unique Features & Finishes
  • Creating Long-Term Value Using Exceptional Methods & Materials
  • Protecting Pool Investments by Providing Superior Maintenance Services

Cost for Pool & Spa Maintenance Services

Beyond saving you time, hiring a professional to manage all of your maintenance in Florida City helps ensure the pool is sanitized correctly, equipment is cared for properly, and potentially costly issues are caught early. This helps you keep costs under control and keeps ownership expenses down so you can enjoy your pool without the dent in your pocketbook.

For typical residential pools, a maintenance plan will start around $200 per month. Customized and larger-sized pools will increase costs, as will factors like saltwater, advanced features, or increased filtration needs. That cost can fluctuate depending on factors like whether there is a spa, any additional water features, the age of pool and equipment, and exposure to landscaping and debris.

Commercial pool maintenance plans vary heavily from pool to pool. We recommend calling us directly to receive a customized quote from our service professionals.

Take back your weekends and let us handle your pool and spa maintenance in Florida City & South Florida. Contact Reef Pool Builders today for a maintenance quote.


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