The Top Issues We See When Maintaining Pools

We care for hundreds of pools and spas in South Florida, and many are located at private clubs, luxury resorts, and incredible estates. After decades of experience, our pool maintenance team has seen it all and we know to expect the unexpected.

What kind of unexpected issues do we find? Here are some of them.

What’s That Floating in the Water? (Hint: It’s Not Alive)

With high winds and stormy weather conditions comes falling debris from the landscape. Leaves and other organic materials fall into the swimming pool and spa. Pollen that builds up on pool decks can wash into the pool—and so can algae or mold that builds up on certain pool deck surfaces. Sometimes, a homeowner or caretaker will decide to power wash the pool deck. That dirty water rushes into the pool and creates water quality and pH balance issues for the pool maintenance team to correct.

Speaking of, “What’s that thing in the pool?” it’s not unusual to find snakes stuck in skimmer baskets. They usually hide in these places. And occasionally, we’ll come across a raccoon or other critter in the pool. We remove the animal. Depending on the state of the “unexpected guest” (whether it is decomposing), we may need to drain the pool. Sometimes, the pool can be shocked with chlorine to make it safe for swimmers again. We handle these issues on a case-by-case basis.

We haven’t found a crocodile or alligator in the pool yet—but you’ll see that on the news in South Florida every once in a while, usually in pools close to lakes or by golf courses. This is when animal control gets involved.

Pro Tip: Even if you get the floating animal out of your pool, the water is not ready for swimming. (Not even if you wait a day—and not until your pool professional can test the water and ensure the proper balance.) People can get very sick from contaminated water. Even organic debris can significantly throw off the water balance.

What Happened to the Pool Settings? (Don’t Touch That Dial)

We run into cases where a client messes with a valve—maybe he heard a sound and headed to the mechanicals to “solve” the problem. Instead, playing with switches and valves can result in bigger problems. We have discovered pool leaks that literally drain the pool because parts are not put back together properly.

This is especially a problem at homes occupied by renters, who decide to turn up the pool heater or adjust other settings. It’s also a temptation for seasonal residents who, upon arriving at their South Florida home, make adjustments to the pool so they can use it right away.

Pro Tip: If you hear something that doesn’t sound quite right, flip off the breaker switch and call your pool maintenance professional. Resist the urge to adjust valves, flip switches or experiment with control settings from your tablet. Another pro tip: Turning the heat up to 100 degrees does not make the pool get warmer faster. It just means the pool water will eventually reach a higher temperature.

You Tried To Do What? (DIY Gone Bad)

We love to be optimistic, too, but when clients are sure they can handle a pool problem themselves, that’s when they get into trouble. Maybe it’s a filter that a homeowner figures he can clean. But then, the wrong valve gets shut off and the filter is not properly installed—the pump could get damaged, which would cause improper circulation and water flow.

Clients’ intentions are good. But the results…not so much.

Pro Tip: Remember, you hire a pool maintenance professional for a reason. You don’t have to adjust valves, manage settings, clean filters or deal with a snake stuck in the skimmer, or wonder if your water quality is safe for swimming. By enlisting an experienced pool maintenance team like Reef Tropical, you can unload the burden of taking care of your pool or spa and focus on enjoying it!

Save Time, Money, and Maintenance by Trusting the Pool Maintenance Pros

Hiring a professional pool/spa operator like Reef Tropical to manage all of the maintenance will ensure that the pool is sanitized properly and that equipment is cared for. This helps equipment run more efficiently and last longer—and ultimately saves you money. While you’ll pay for the regular service, you’ll avoid the expense of fixing costly mistakes.

Also, a pool maintenance professional can spot problems before they become major repairs, and perform preventative pool and spa maintenance.

What can you expect from a pool maintenance service? Here are some duties our team provides to clients during regular visits:

  • Test water balance
  • Skim water surface and debris
  • Vacuum pool and/or spa
  • Clean out the skimmer basket Inspect equipment for problems
  • Check and correct water chemistry
  • Provide water usage alerts
  • Special party touch-up cleaning
  • Polish handrails and ladders
  • Brush pool
  • Reset and adjust time clocks as needed

Find out how an NSPF Certified Pool/Spa Operator like Reef Tropical can maintain your swimming pool and spa so you can maximize your investment and spend more time enjoying your outdoor environment. Call us any time at (305) 901-1505, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.