Mediterranean-Style Pool Landscaping — 4 Best Plants For Around A Pool

Your pool should be the focal point of your landscape, and the surrounding plants you select to complement it matter. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Choose the right plant for the right place.” Well, that same rule applies to pools — with a twist.

When landscaping around a pool, it’s important to consider the pool design — its style and shape. Taking this a step further, your home’s architecture also plays into choosing the best plants for around a pool.

For instance, a Mediterranean-style home and pool with a vanishing edge will call for a completely different plant palette than a traditional home with a square, edged pool.

Best Plants For Around A Pool In Florida | Mediterranean Edition

Here in South Florida, many of the poolscapes we design for high-end residential and commercial properties have Mediterranean flair because of the popularity of that style here.

So, let’s explore some common plant types you can pair with a linear pool dropped with a Mediterranean backdrop. Together, these four plants will create a clean landscape with a range of green textures and white accents to complement the Mediterranean architecture.


Tall, rounded cypress trees add height to your pool landscape and also provide some privacy. The coniferous tree is fast-growing, so you’ll achieve screening within a reasonable time after planting. Italian cypress is particularly slender and complements a Mediterranean backdrop. These elegant, narrow trees can serve as anchors in the landscape.

Natal Plum

Fragrant natal plum bushes have thick, waxy green leaves that are salt-tolerant, making them a hardy choice for the South Florida landscape. Natal plums produce small, red fruit and white flowers — so you’ll add modest pop of ever-changing color interest to your poolside landscape. What we also love about the natal plum is how it performs as a pool-friendly plant in containers and poolside. They’re often used as hedge plants and add texture to the landscape.

Asian Snow

This compact shrub blooms with elegant little white flowers all year. You’ll always have a sophisticated pop of white in your Mediterranean landscape with Asian Snow, and we love that consistency. In a primarily green landscape, this top poolside plant performer provides just enough color interest without distracting from the pool as a focal point.

Ilex ‘Schillings Dwarf’

This slow-growing shrub can be neatly trimmed into a ball shape to complement the tall, slim cypress and flowering natal plum. We appreciate how easy the Schillings Dwarf is to care for, and it’s also drought-tolerant. These poolside plants are great for lining walkways or edging a hardscaped area. They’re versatile and offer a formal, maintained look that goes well with a Mediterranean-style property.

For In-Style Pool Landscaping Ideas, Start With Reef Tropical

The style of the pool on your South Florida property is a key consideration when selecting the best poolside plants to landscape the surrounding areas. The goal is a cohesive, flowing landscape design that enhances your home, pool, and entire outdoor experience.

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