I Bought a Home With a Pool and Spa, I NEED Advice

When homes sell, Reef Tropical Pools helps consult the new owners on their existing water features. As a highlighted part of the new home, all parties involved want the pool and spa to exude quality. Reef Tropical Pools can help consult with certainty on the age and condition of the mechanical equipment (pumps, heaters, filters), the age and condition of the pool finish or tile, the overall cleanliness of the pool, and usually the existence of any potential leak (if servicing the pool regularly). We can also help consult on a pool renovation or complete the rebuild of the pool. Common things to consider would be adding a spa, updating your Diamond Brite or Pebble Tec finish (recommended every 8-10 years), acid washing, and re-grouted tile finishes every so often (tile can last a long time). Lastly, pools need constant care. We can propose an aspect of weekly service along with annual preventative maintenance for the equipment.

Yet, unlike certain aspects of the home, we cannot always tell the exact condition of the structure or the installation (unless we built it in the past 10 years). Most pools we deal with are custom pools. For example, without cutting the pool in half, there is no telling if the pool is structurally sound, if it is on pilings (support beams), has spalling rebar, has thick enough concrete, etc. This all must be taken into consideration when weighing the options of renovation and complete demolition and reconstruction of the pool/spa structure.

Unfortunately, the engineers and the pool construction companies cannot guarantee an existing structure. However, they can guarantee a new installation giving you the confidence that your outdoor centerpiece is trouble-free and installed for lasting enjoyment.

Meet David and Brandi. Two of the most gifted minds in the pool maintenance, repair, renovation, construction, and project management industry. They are here to help you before and after you purchase a home. David has won multiple different awards within his 25 years in the Pool Service Industry. His level of knowledge makes it easy for him to answer questions and remedy all pool inquiries from construction to maintenance. Correspondingly, David's team is top-notch: "By having a mechanic, a builder, a pool cleaner, a customer service representative, and a chemical expert on staff, I am able to complete all jobs with efficiency". Brandi is the Director of Project Management with over 17 years of experience in the construction industry. She can manage very complex and high-visibility projects successfully. She has built many high-end pools. She also completed a series of advanced pool construction courses with the Genisis3 program and is now a Genisis3 Gold Member.

Reef Tropical is a pool company based in Key Largo but operates in all of Monroe County, Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and Pinecrest. We provide education and pool guides to people who ask "please help with my pool". Especially to those who just bought a home.

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